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We have developed a number of sites over the past few years…

  • Cuttings

    Although R.C Cutting was established well over 100 years ago, the Managing Director, John Jolly had a very clear vision of where he wanted to take the business. Stage 1 was to analyse the existing brand a create something that had a clean cut and modern feel whilst not loosing any of the existing brand identity.

    The next stage was to design a clean and modern website that would form the back bone of the brand identity. We designed and built the website, and spent a day in London photographing the staff and projects. These photographs were then used through out all of the Cuttings marketing material, including the downloadable eBrochure.

    Out of all of the websites that we have produced the Cuttings site is the one most admired by our new clients.

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  • Mozolowski & Murray

    Mozolowski & Murray has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful timber structures. Traditional values of quality and craftsmanship combine with modern technology to create the perfect addition to your home and garden.

    Every project is designed and manufactured in our Scottish factory using only the very finest materials. By employing our own tradesmen, we take complete responsibility for ensuring your work is carried out to the highest standards from start to finish.

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  • Glasgow Economic Leadership

    The Glasgow Economic Leadership was formed in 2011 to provide independent leadership and direction for economic development activity in Glasgow.

    As such it has many stakeholders, contributors and influencers, not least the Glasgow Economic Commission, whose recommendations GEL champions.

    The site had to have a clean design that all partners could buy into.  In addition to this, the site is relatively complex in that there is a lot of information as well as different media.  All had to be integrated into an easily navigable site.

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  • Property Repair

    One of our greatest challenges to date! The previous Property Repair website was extremely well SEO optimised, and we were keen not to have any sort of impact on this be creating a new site. Prior to designing the new site we spent a substantial amount of time analysing the existing site SEO.

    The design was developed along with the client who was extremely keen to have a clean, corporate and professional site that he would be able to update himself. When the site was completed, the client was given training on the CMS and to his credit he has picked up exceptionally well.

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  • A1A Quality Sod

    A1A Sod has been central Florida’s premier supplier and installer of turf (sod) since 1989.

    This site has to do a number of things which makes the design process relatively complicated but the end result very simple.

    First of all, the site has to explain what A1A Quality Sod actually does…i.e. Supply and instal turf.  Next it has to explain the markets in which the business operates and so has to appeal to domestic, leisure and business customers.

    Finally it has to explain the product in terms of the options for the type of turf to be installed.

    This was the first website the business has owned.

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  • CPS - Cellular Pathology Services

    CPS (Cellular Pathology Services) offer you independent Cellular Pathology Solutions befitting both the Independent and NHS Sectors. Their approachable and attentive pathologists are always accessible on their mobiles to support their clinical practice. They attend MDTs in the Independent Sector. They have close working relationships with clinical colleagues, many of whom have come to them on personal recommendations. Pivotal to the success of CPS is the provision of a bespoke service, geared to fit your individual clinical practice and healthcare model, NHS or private.

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  • Blackhouse

    Here at Blackhouse, we all have a favourite chair – somewhere we retreat to read the papers, savour a drink, watch a box-set, listen to our latest downloads, or curl up with the dog! So it didn’t take us long to find the perfect fabric for a Blackhouse chair – something warm, stylish and durable that could weather trends and years of use. Harris Tweed.

    So whether we’re covering the humble stool, an iconic statement chair, an occasional ‘throw your clothes over it’ chair, or the dependable high-backed armchair, our message is simple.

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  • Applecrate

    Applecrate designs and builds gorgeous, next generation and sustainable standalone luxury suites and lodges for the hotel and hospitality sector.

    Their design is contemporary, functional and comfortable.  But Applecrate’s lodges are designed to help people ‘get away from it’ and that means they are built in places with outstanding natural beauty with flora and fauna to match.  All Applecrate lodges have minimal environmental impact and yet be luxurious to stay in.

    Handcrafted in Scotland applecrate provides a one stop shop and a fresh and innovative ideas providing a new proposition for guests seeking luxury escapism.

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  • DRAM Communications

    Communication is all around… some of it is easy to understand and some if it is, let’s say, less easy.

    Dram Communications were looking for a simple and modern looking website that very quickly demonstrated what they offered as a business but without giving to much away. They have managed to get a balance of the serious business that they communicate whilst getting the businesses personality across.

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  • Cara Hilton MSP

    Cara Hilton (MSP) is the councillor for Dunfermline. Cara is very proud to serve her local constituents:

    “Dunfermline is my home and I love living here.  My children go to school and nursery locally and it’s a fantastic place to work and raise my family.  It’s an absolute honour to serve as the constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament for our area. I pledged during my election to always put Dunfermline and my constituents first and that is what I will always do.”


  • Athena Blinds

    Athena Blinds first approached GSnap to help with a re-branding exercise… new logo and so on.  As part of that project Athena Blinds decided they needed a web presence for the first time.

    Using Athena Blind’s own imagery, which really showcased the variety in the product range, GSnap designed and built a visually stunning yet very simple to use website.

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  • Aberdeen Inspired

    Aberdeen Inspired is Aberdeen city centre’s Business Improvement District (BID) representing over 750 city centre businesses.

    In 2011, businesses voted in favour of establishing Aberdeen Inspired – Aberdeen city centre’s Business Improvement District.

    Over the five year period, Aberdeen Inspired – which reports to a Board of Directors made up predominantly of levy paying businesses – is responsible for delivering a programme of activity to achieve the objectives as set out in the Business Plan

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  • Izon Projects

    We originally designed the Izon projects website back in 2013 as part of a larger marketing strategy. This year we developed the website as part of an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

    We looked at who were the online competitors of Izon and analyised what they were doing to rank on google. We then sat down with the client and worked out the four key services he was offering and then optimised the site around those services and created online goals. The did involve a slight modification to the website.

    In the first month we saw a 74% increase in traffic and a 14% lower bounce rate.

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  • TNA Wizard

    TNA Wizard has been created by the people who brought you Procure Wizard – the go-to software for the UK hospitality industry.

    Our talented developers have created a Time and Attendance solution designed to provide the best tools for managing, engaging and increasing the productivity of your workforce.

    We believe in creating user-friendly, intuitive technology that enables you to simply and quickly track employee time, attendance, and gather data, all at the touch of a button.

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  • Walker Love

    Walker Love is a firm of Messenger-at-Arms and Sherriff Officers licensed to work across all six of Scotland’s Sheriffdoms.

    To put it another way Walker Love is involved in things with scary titles like ‘enforcement’ and ‘investigations’.  But the truth of the matter is that the firm works to the highest ethical standards both in terms of the law and their own Charter which is published on their websites.

    In partnership with Ladarnas, GSnap designed and built a website that reflected both the serious nature of Walker Love’s work and the fairness and balance they bring to the market place.

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  • A-Game Apparel

    A-Game Lifestyle is a nutrition programme based on client health and wellness offering coaching and mentoring, macro based meal plans and much more.

    A lifestyle brand designed to empower, encourage and promote healthier lifestyles through performance and comfort.

    Be on your A-Game #OnMyAgame

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We have have developed a number of the past few years...

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We have have developed a number of the past few years...

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We have have developed a number of the past few years...

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