About Gingersnap Design

A design consultancy that’s new and fresh whether you need a commercial interior or a new logo

Design… that’s what we do.  It’s the basis of our basis; the output, if you like.

For GSnap, though, there’s more to it than that.  For us it’s all about business.  Our designs will help you do business.  That’s why we’ve built a reputation for developing innovative solutions based on what you actually need.

 Let’s just think about that for a minute.  To get to the right solution we have to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve, whatever the project.  We’ll ask you some questions, throw some ideas at you and generally make sure we have everything we need.  Really we’re creating the ‘design brief’… only it’s slightly less formal.

And (this is the bit where we blow our own trumpet) we’re really good at getting to the bottom of what you want from the thinnest of briefs from you.  That means you can concentrate on business rather than worry getting together a perfect set of instructions for a designer.

After that it’s down to us.  We’ll do our design bit.  We’ll create your design, keeping you up to date every step of the way until your project is complete…. and if ‘complete’ means you need us to make one change or a hundred that’s fine.  We will make sure you are 100% happy with the end result before we think of your project as ‘complete’.

why work with us?

well only our clients can answer that question…

  • Cuttings

    Since 1879 RC Cuttings have been at the forefront of Lightning Protection and Earthing Services for the Construction and Facilities Management industries.

    From their premises in London they are able to provide a national service for the design, installation and maintenance of Lightning Protection & Earthing Safety Systems. From humble beginnings as steeplejacks, they have grown to be one of the most respected companies in their field.

    Whilst some of the core services of the company have changed to suit the requirement of modern construction, the core values have not. Good service remains at the front of what they do. In 1946 they were one of the founder members of a trade association, now known as ATLAS, and continue to serve at the highest levels.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Complete rebrand from “RC Cuttings Limited” to “Cuttings”
    • New Group Logo that was inline with the original RC Cuttings brand
    • Creation of brand company guidelines
    • New website
    • Photography of staff and completed projects
    • Downloadable eBrochure
    • Support with presentations
    • In-house marketing / design support


  • CPS - Cellular Pathology Services

    CPS (Cellular Pathology Services) offer you independent Cellular Pathology Solutions befitting both the Independent and NHS Sectors. Their approachable and attentive pathologists are always accessible on their mobiles to support their clinical practice. They attend MDTs in the Independent Sector. They have close working relationships with clinical colleagues, many of whom have come to them on personal recommendations. Pivotal to the success of CPS is the provision of a bespoke service, geared to fit your individual clinical practice and healthcare model, NHS or private.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Design and build of new company website
    • Providing full training on the website CMS.
    • Professional laboratory photography
    • Creation of a number of downloadable eLeaflets
  • Izon Projects

    The Izon Projects service is quite simply unique. In old money it would be known as interior design and building for commercial and residential premises. In new money their service can best be explained using just three words: Define, Design, Deliver.

    What they do within those three words is really down to the client.  For some, it’s the full package: understanding what needs to be achieved, whether it’s a shop refurbishment that takes browsers through an experience or new bar that needs to merge traditional and modern.  Design: taking concepts through to technical plans where every last detail is specified ready for Izon Projects to deliver.

    Other clients already have designers on board.  The team at Izon Projects is just as happy working as the sole contractor or part of a wider project group… it really does depend on the client.

    Izon Projects has massive experience working in retail, public sector, entertainment and private properties.  They know interior space is very important… the way it looks will help customers to buy, direct visitors to the right attraction or create an environment where food is truly enjoyed.

    Izon Projects needed to get this message of flexibility and approachability across to new clients.

    The GSnap touch:

    • We have been with Izon Projects since they formed in 2010
    • Designed all branding, stationery, business cards and every other bit of marketing material
    • Website design and maintenance
    • Website SEO
  • Mozolowski & Murray

    Mozolowski & Murray has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful timber structures. Traditional values of quality and craftsmanship combine with modern technology to create the perfect addition to your home and garden.

    Every project is designed and manufactured in our Scottish factory using only the very finest materials. By employing our own tradesmen, we take complete responsibility for ensuring your work is carried out to the highest standards from start to finish.

    From windows and doors to garden rooms, sunlounges, extensions, orangeries and conservatories we offer a comprehensive, truly bespoke service.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Design, development and build of new company website.
    • Full staff training on Content Management System.


  • Property Repair

    Property Repair are the experts in the carrying out of Insurance Repairs, Renovations and Property Maintenance. An Honest, Reliable Service from Inception to Completion. Property Repair are The Complete All Trades Company.

    They directly employ Electricians, Joiners, Plasterers, Plumbers, Painters and Decorators, Tilers, Floor Layers and Roofers. Operating predominantly in East Central Scotland, they provide a robust and reliable service within two comprehensive but distinct markets; Insurance Repairs and Property Renovations.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Design and build of new company website
    • Design and supply of company branded stationery
    • Design of marketing flyers and adverts
    • Design of new vehicle liveries
  • Tax Assist Accountants

    TaxAssist Accountants is a franchise operation. Although there are rules to being part of the TaxAssist Accountants network in terms of what can and can’t be done with websites, advertising and promotion there’s a fair amount of leeway, too.

    And that is important to progressive, marketing lead franchisees such as the guys who run the West Edinburgh operation.  Their patch covers Corstorphine, Gorgie, Blackhall, Haymarket and Stockbridge; diverse areas across Edinburgh.

    The directors at TaxAssist Accountants (West Edinburgh) are different to many other firms of accountants.  For example, they believe that accounts – the end product of what they do – should be a given.  After all, the numbers are all the same and the rules applied to those numbers are fixed by the government.  So they don’t try to differentiate themselves on the numbers, rather the service they provide to their customers.

    They work exclusively in the small business market and work hard to make sure their office environment is welcoming and friendly.  Fees are fixed too, so they are free to encourage their customers to drop by for a chat, some serious advice or just a cup of coffee.

    GSnap was asked to help get this message across to the small business market place.

    The GSnap touch:

    • We have created several user friendly, very clear magazine adverts, each displaying a different aspect of the service delivered
    • Designed posters for internal marketing displays
    • Created templates for new business cards
    • Created PowerPoint and letterhead templates
    • Designed a series of 12 posters for window display
    • Have designed and print managed a series of Christmas cards*

    *The guys from TaxAssist Accountants have a dog – a Labradoodle called Barney.  He’s features on every Christmas card GSnap has designed and even has own brand (BarneyDoodle), Facebook page and blog.  It’s fair to say that Barney is a real celebrity around West Edinburgh and he features heavily in nearly all GSnap design work for TaxAssist Accountants.


  • DRAM Communications

    Communication is all around… some of it is easy to understand and some if it is, let’s say, less easy.

    Take government legislation, for example.  Here’s an excerpt from the Scotland Act 2012:

    Anything done by or in relation to a Minister of the Crown for the purposes of or in connection with a function under such an order, if in force at the time when section 1 comes into force, has effect as if done by or in relation to the Scottish Ministers in so far as that is required for continuing its effect after that time.

    What does it mean?  Well, the vast majority of the population has no interest but for some sectors it’s very important.  For clients of Dram Communications, understanding this sort of thing is vital.

    They might be a larger corporate body that needs to understand the impact of legislation on their business.  Dram Communication will read this stuff, interpret it and provide help and guidance about what it’s actually saying and what it means for the business.

    In fact, the services provided by Dram Communications are wide ranging and effective.  It could be a full communication strategy interlinking a number of communication methods all the way through to writing a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

    It’s complicated stuff and GSnap had to get across the essence of the service whilst demonstrating the credibility of the Dram Communication’s team.

    The GSnap touch:

    • We act as digital design partners, looking after website and other digital media
    • Any graphics or websites their clients require to develop are passed to GSnap
    • We have completed several projects with DRAM in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Florida
    • We now manage and control DRAM’s website and have just developed a new site for them


  • Aberdeen Inspired

    Aberdeen Inspired is Aberdeen city centre’s Business Improvement District (BID) representing over 750 city centre businesses.

    In 2011, businesses voted in favour of establishing Aberdeen Inspired – Aberdeen city centre’s Business Improvement District.

    Over the five year period, Aberdeen Inspired – which reports to a Board of Directors made up predominantly of levy paying businesses – is responsible for delivering a programme of activity to achieve the objectives as set out in the Business Plan


    • Design and build of new website
    • Full staff training on the website CMS
    • BiMonthly eNewsletters
    • Promotional Marketing material
    • Presentations


  • BluePrintCX

    There are so many businesses in the world, many of them doing the same thing.  After all, a widget is a widget and all widgets do the same thing.

    So, there are a couple of choices about how to make a business stand out from the crowd: it could differentiate on price but that way lies the rocky road to ruin.  A price war is never pretty and it’s difficult to tell how deep the competitions’ pockets reach and how far they are prepared to go.

    But there is another way.

    More and more customers are choosing who they work with based on the experience they have of a business.  Do they like working with an organisation, is it fun, is the process of doing business made easy?

    So, if customers are choosing their suppliers based on the experience they have, wouldn’t it be sensible to make the ‘customer experience’ a part of business strategy?

    That’s what Blueprint CX do for their clients.  Using a massively in depth process Blueprint CX under the labels of We Think, We Create and We Build, they will take a client from having a vague idea about what they want their customers to experience through to the management of products, systems and processes to actually deliver the promise.

    And GSnap had to get that concept across, working with both the New York and Edinburgh offices.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Starting with the Branding / Logo design and development, this led on to
    • Stationery, business cards, etc.
    • Client specific business proposal documents
    • Company brochure
    • Website


  • Cara Hilton (MSP)

    Cara Hilton (MSP) is the councillor for Dunfermline. Cara is very proud to serve her local constituents:

    “I was honoured and delighted to have been elected to represent the people of Dunfermline in the Scottish Parliament in October 2013 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me.

    Dunfermline is my home and I love living here.  My children go to school and nursery locally and it’s a fantastic place to work and raise my family.  It’s an absolute honour to serve as the constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament for our area. I pledged during my election to always put Dunfermline and my constituents first and that is what I will always do.”

    The GSnap touch:

    • Design of new parliamentry website
    • Full staff training to update the website
    • Professional photography


  • Pike & Bambridge

    An innovative idea but it perfectly describes the Pike and Bambridge ethos.  In simple terms P & B sell cars, not from a show room, but in bespoke terms.  That means they have to get to know their customers, find out what they want and only then can they source the right car for them… and it’s the same process in the commercial division, too.

    So, it’s all about customer service at P and B.  Customers will be presented with the options available to them, talked them and once they have made a choice either Agent Pike or Agent Bambridge (as they like to call themselves) will find the very best deal pssible.

    And the put the icing on the cake – delivery is personalized.  Either the vehicles is delivered direct to the customer or the customer is taken to the vehicle.

    It’s all very different and a long way from the traditional view of car sales.

    GSnap was very pleased to be part of the team getting this message across to the waiting public whom, it would seem, has been waiting for just such a service.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Presentation folder design
    • Design and creation of Interactive pdf forms which allow the user to add content save and email back

    “We’ve been delighted with the work that GingerSnap have provided for us.  Colin took a great deal of time listening to our requirements and tailoring our documents to exactly what we were looking for.  We have had a number of clients compliment us on the design work that GingerSnap undertook, and one client has actually engaged Colin themselves for their design needs. We look forward to working with Colin and the team again in the months and years to come”

     Piers Bambridge – Managing Director

  • Applecrate

    Quite simply, beautiful design.

    Applecrate designs and builds gorgeous, next generation and sustainable standalone luxury suites and lodges for the hotel and hospitality sector.

    Their design is contemporary, functional and comfortable.  But Applecrate’s lodges are designed to help people ‘get away from it’ and that means they are built in places with outstanding natural beauty with flora and fauna to match.  All Applecrate lodges have minimal environmental impact and yet be luxurious to stay in.

    Handcrafted in Scotland applecrate provides a one stop shop and a fresh and innovative ideas providing a new proposition for guests seeking luxury escapism.

    The GSnap touch:

    • Creation of brand
    • Creation of brochures, adverts etc.
    • Video
    • Website and management
    • In-house graphics and marketing support

the hollywood organisational model

There is actually something called the Hollywood Organisational Model… no, really there is.

hollywoodSo here goes with a history lesson in just slightly less than 300 words.

In the heyday of film making in the USA, studios were all powerful.  The studios financed a film.  They owned the actors and actresses (almost literally).  The script writers, directors and producers all worked exclusively for the studio.  Sound and special effects were produced in house.  The studios even owned chains of cinemas.

Their influence on and power over public opinion was absolutely enormous.

The government in Washington became worried about this state of affairs… the studios were so powerful and dictated so much public opinion that they were a real threat to the politicians.  Legislation was passed to break up the studios and to limit their power forever.

Now when a film is made there will be a small group of people, often a director and producer who act as a project team.  They will commission a script and raise finance by ‘pitching the idea’.  Once they’ve secured finance they will hire actors (who are now self-employed).  They will bring together an orchestra, special effects teams and a marketing company.

When the film is finished the group (or project team) that was brought together to make the film, breaks up, never to come together in exactly the same format again… and there you have the essence of the Hollywood Organisational Model.

That’s exactly how we work at GSnap.  Sometimes it’s just Colin because a new logo is needed.  Sometimes it’s a new website that needs some design and new words.  On other occasions it’s a full re-brand…

Whatever’s needed we bring together the right team to make it happen.